SEALL ECDIS: A Smart ECDIS That Simply Works


Although adoption was initially slow, electronic navigation charts are taking over traditional paper chart navigation for a majority of SOLAS class vessels over 500 GT. All vessels which fall under the jurisdiction of the SOLAS convention must now have an ECDIS for safe navigation as it became clear that these systems were going to be critical in improving safety of life at sea. In fact, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will sunset its paper charts by 2025. NOAA's counterpart in the U.K., The UKHO, will also be phasing out its paper chart portfolio by 2030 as well. Indeed, Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) now more easily guide ships at sea all over the world as other nautical organizations step away from making paper charts and adopt electronic navigation charts (ENC).

Combined with GPS, an ECDIS helps ensures a vessel stays on course. Moreover, SEALL's smart ECDIS connects to several other sensory inputs that have make e-Navigation safer for vessels. Thanks to technology, the SEALL ECDIS is a captain’s best friend at sea, a lifeline that keeps the bridge connected to land via satellite connections. 

Using the latest technology, SEALL leverages its navigation expertise for a complete ship-to-shore operations and communications solution. Seamless integration between front-of-bridge navigation and back-of-bridge planning minimizes errors and increases situational awareness. The Seall ECDIS utilizes the ease of touch screen for end-user comfort, a standard in ECDIS development.

Key Features at a Glance

The SEALL ECDIS uses modern technology and an intuitive human touch interface to bring marine navigation into the computer age. Key features include:

  • User-friendly multi-touch display built on a high-definition screen (1920x1200) and anti-reflective glass.

  • Clutter-free chart display

  • Hazard reports

  • Navigation area warnings

  • Uninterrupted new chart integration

  • Color-coded by leg or portion of the journey

  • Custom marine overlays

  • Navigation agility and shortest A to B route planning

  • Compliant with all marine mandates and regulations 

Designed by Mariners for Mariners

The SEALL ECDIS has a simple and clutter-free end-user interface custom configured for your navigation needs. The multi-touch display doesn’t have extra features you may never use. With a seamless transition from paper charts or a different ECDIS, installing the user-friendly interface isn’t very complicated. Just plug it in and let the system do its thing as it discovers the ship’s exact bearings, and it will be ready to go shortly with some small configuration adjustments.

One of the system’s best features is its ease of use. If you can point and touch a screen, you can operate the SEALL ECDIS. Its intuitive technology drives the ECDIS’s user-friendly touchscreen display. SEALL puts everything in a compact PC design that doesn’t overwhelm a user with technical difficulties. Put simply, the smart ECDIS just works. 

Dependable Hardware and Graphics

Using a 24-inch multi-touch display, graphics give navigators an intuitive and interactive machine that reacts to GUI instructions with microsecond precision. Front-of-bridge navigation and back-of-bridge planning run the ship’s navigation with pinpoint accuracy, real-time decision-making capabilities, and 24/7 ship-to-shore telecommunications.

With its compact design in tabletop or console format, the SEALL ECDIS can be installed anywhere on the bridge. Inside is a powerful microprocessor running a solid-state drive, minimizing hard drive mechanical errors. Both AC and DC power supply using redundancy ensures a constant electrical connection. There are no extra features cluttering the display. From the inside out, this unit is a sophisticated navigation power tool and a mariner’s lifesaver.

A primary feature of the SEALL ECDIS is the computer operating speed. Inside is the 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processor, a powerhouse of computer durability. The system has 8 GB of RAM but is expandable to 64 GB. Designers built a new cache system for faster loads and real-time decision-making. Electronic navigation systems provide highly accurate location and positioning data, critical for safe navigation. With proven hardware capabilities, the ECDIS’s accuracy meets new SOLAS regulations revised by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Second Nature Safety Sensors

Modern electronic navigation systems like the SEALL ECDIS provide real-time updates on AIS traffic and other factors that can affect navigation. These systems are also vital safety equipment that alerts for potential hazards, like shallow waters, rocks, or other vessels, increasing safety for the ship and its crew. 

Sensor technology inputs include the latest GPS, GNSS, LOG, GYRO, AIS and ARPA, to name a few. System sensory outputs include VDR, Bridge Alert Management System (BAMS) and the Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS). These sensory tools give the vessel geographical awareness 24/7/365.

Tools at Your Fingertips 

The SEALL ECDIS makes navigation and route planning a breeze with a suite of tools that saves time and money. It provides everything your vessel needs for safe navigation with real-time warnings. Tools include:

  • Planning/appraisal check-lists

  • Detailed hazard reporting by route or leg

  • Export route plan to paper

  • AIO integration

  • Squat calculation

  • Route validation

  • Under keel clearance measurements 

  • ARPA overlay 

  • Route exchange format 

  • Parallel indexing

  • Electronic logbook

With smart route selection, the vessel avoids unnecessary idle times. Finally, use customizable passage plan reports that add depth and context to any voyage. The raster graphics and processor help load tools and other graphical overlays quickly with virtually no lag time. The SEALL ECDIS eliminates the need for expensive control panels, delivering an intuitive user experience.

Top-Level Training and Support

Using smart ECDIS technology doesn’t require a degree or advanced training. SEALL ECDIS is user-friendly and intuitive, with a multi-touch display. Users undergo an online Computer Based Training course designed to get the navigator going quickly. Safety certification takes about an hour. 

Easy Installation

The SEALL ECDIS was designed to utilize human-computer interaction with a reactive touchscreen display. The system was designed from the inside out to be human-friendly using a responsive touch screen. Turn it on, and the system automatically finds the ship’s sensors, including motion, positioning, and heading devices that connect the vessel to the global shipping network.

The SEALL ECDIS has type approval from DNV GL and meets the following standards:

  • IEC 61174 Edition 4.0 standards (2015)

  • IEC 62288 (2014)

  • IEC 61162-1 (2010)

  • IEC 60945 (2002)

  • IHO S52 Presentation Library Edition 4.0

  • IHO S57 Edition 3.1

  • IHO S63 Edition 1.2

The system is a true plug-and-play ECDIS with easy installation and setup. The system finds the satellite connections and automatically connects to the necessary sensors. Data inputs include two LANs, four USB connections and four 422/485 serial links. Users can also choose to use an optional keyboard and mouse connection at the PC unit level.

Fast and Easy ENC Chart Update Process

The multi-touch screen interface and human-intuitive, simple software setup process bring navigational simplicity to your fingertips. The SEALL ECDIS is compatible with external electronic navigational chart software products like our SPICA e-Navigator passage planning software for chart updates and is compatible with ENC services like AVCS, Primar, and NOAA. Combined with vessel sensor auto-detection at the GPS, AIS and ARPA levels, the system quickly becomes the standard in ship navigation. Safe and compliant chart updates are a crucial safety measure streamlining a smart ECDIS as a navigational computer. With this SEALL ECDIS, this process has never been easier. 

The main benefits include the following:

  • Updates can be installed without disrupting the voyage.

  • It is controlled with a simple on/off toggle switch for ease of use.

  • The system checks for updates once an hour.

  • Cybersecurity is built into the update process and the system onboard using the latest S-63 security protocols and encryption.


Electronic navigation systems provide convenient features, such as automatic route planning, which saves time and reduces the workload for the crew. The SEALL ECDIS can be integrated with other onboard systems, such as GPS, ARPA, and AIS for a comprehensive view of the vessel’s surroundings. The system brings navigation flexibility to an upper level with an industry-leading touchscreen display explicitly designed for interactive ECDIS.

ENC is cost-effective because there is no wasted paper when the charts must be updated, and a weekly data update ensures accuracy. ECDIS can log data such as heading and speed, which can be used for logistics analysis and optimization of unloading and time in port. Broadly, the ship’s sensors connect it to the rest of the global shipping lanes, ensuring safe journeys by giving ample warnings and suggested course corrections. The SEAL ECDIS comes with around-the-clock telephone support and can be configured for any SOLAS class vessel.

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