Introducing SPICA Pay As You Sail (PAYS) e-Navigation Software


SPICA PAYS is an advanced digital navigation software designed for any SOLAS-class marine vessels that use Electronic Chart Display Information System (ECDIS). The idea behind the creation of the SPICA PAYS software is to offer vessels and navigators an easy and straight-forward experience when mapping out their routes for a voyage.

As a complementary marine navigation software, SPICA PAYS makes it easy for marine companies and vessels to comply with the legal statutes governing e-Navigation as spelled out in SOLAS Chapter V navigation requirements. By equipping your ship  with SPICA PAYS, you gain access to any PAYS electronic navigation chart worldwide.

The software has been upgraded with routing intelligence processing capabilities. All a navigator needs to do is to enter the departure and arrival ports for the voyage and the intuitive navigation software does the rest. It will display all needed ENC charts for the voyage in a clear electronic navigation map, giving the navigator full control. That's when our Pay As You Sail (PAYS) comes in.

How Pay-As-You-Sail (PAYS) Service Works

Using PAYS is easy once you grasp the main principle behind the service. The feature aims to make nautical ENC charts available for ships so they may easily plan and organize their routes. These routes will appear as a digital display within  the SPICA PAYS software. SPICA PAYS supplies all the possible routes. SPICA PAYS lets you pay only for the ENC charts you actually use during your voyage.

SOLAS vessels that use SPICA PAYS service get cell permits upfront free of charge which might be used for effective route planning. SPICA PAYS bills you once your vessel sails into the chart boundary area representative of an ENC chart cell. The software is an excellent addition to your ship's ECDIS because the cells are readily available to be used for navigation.


Top Features of SPICA PAYS eNavigation Solution

1. Only Pay for Used Charts

By subscribing to the SPICA PAYS marine-route planning software, your ECDIS-equipped vessel will have the full access to an extensive collection of ENC charts. The digital solution offers you navigation cells and permits, included in each chart. Only the cells [port terminals] indicated in the charts you use are paid for. In other words, You can try it before you buy it

2. Improved Fleet Management

Shipping companies can leverage the tracking power of the SPICA PAYS service to better manage their fleets. To access the navigation service, you need to install a GPS device with a satellite antenna on the ship. The device is then linked to a land-based database with ENC servers. Once a vessel sails into an ENC cell region, the antenna delivers the location of the ship to the database. This information is then analyzed and relayed back to the ENC servers of the tracking service provider.

The solution is especially beneficial as it empowers fleet managers with critical tracking data. Therefore, they can make rational decisions and strategies to optimize their fleets and search for shorter and straightforward routes.

3. No Internet Connection, No Problem

With the SPICA PAYS software service, you don't need to have Internet access to take advantage of the ENC charts. The device comes with a hassle-free plug-n-play installation procedure. All you need is to connect the SPICAPAYS GPS device to a 9-32V DC power cable, and the antenna will quickly start reporting the position of the vessel and charts being used to ENC servers.

If you would like to have an effortless experience navigating marine environments or want further insights about SPICA PAYS digital navigation solution, please contact us to request more information.