Optimize Route By Weather Routing Optimization Technology

Why Weather Routing Optimization is Important For Vessels Today

Since the new IMO 2020 Sulphur cap fuel restrictions went into effect on January 1st, 2020 vessels have been under pressure to comply with these new regulations and at the same time find ways to increase fuel efficiency to complete voyages. Sulphur which is contained in the crude oil fuel of ships becomes Sulphur Oxides (SOx) emissions when the fuel is consumed by ships. SOx has been studied and found to be hazardous to the marine environment and to human health. The goal of IMO 2020 is to reduce emissions  to improve the marine air quality and to protect human health. What our latest weather routing optimization technology offers vessels is a way to plot the most optimal route based on weather conditions. This technology will help vessels sail the most safe and efficient route so the vessels will not consume as much fuel and emit lower amounts of SOx which in turn will help shipping companies meet their environmental KPI goals for reducing emissions.           


How Does Weather Routing Optimization Work in SPICA? 

Let's take an example of a ship using SPICA to create routes and using new Weather Routing Optimization technology. Below is how to maneuver SPICA system functions:


Step 1: Right click on the port your vessel is starting from for the voyage and select "Add to auto-route." 


Step 2: Right click on the port your vessel is going to for the voyage and select "Add to auto-route." 


Step 3: Select "Generate Route" to plot the route. 


Step 4: Enter your Weather Routing Optimization details for your vessel in the Settings section in SPICA.


Step 5: Enter the "Planned Bow Draft" and "Planned Aft Draft" of your vessel in the Route tab of the Route Overview page.


Step 6: Right click on the first Waypoint of the route and select "Enter ETA." Enter your vessel departure date.


Step 7: Click on the "Optimize" button in the Optimize tab of the Route Overview page. Note you may need to change the selection of the waypoint to Optimize from as some areas may be to small or shallow to optimize. 

What are the Benefits to Weather Routing Optimization For Vessels? 

  • Increased fuel consumption efficiency
  • Reduction of Sulphur Oxides emissions
  • Reduced exposures to severe weather conditions
  • Vessels stay on schedule
  • Visibility of actual and predicted weather


Please register here to see a live webex demo of this Weather Routing Optimization Technology and get a free 90 day trial to the SPICA software to try out this feature.