Guidelines on Fatigue, 2019 Edition

The Guidelines on Fatigue, 2019 Edition is now available for purchase.


What’s it for?

The International Maritime Organization approved revised guidelines on fatigue is to assist all stakeholders to contribute the mitigation and management of fatigue. These guidelines were developed to inform each party that has a direct involvement in ship safety of the nature of fatigue, its causes, preventive measures, and countermeasures.

Why is it needed?

Fatigue is a hazard because it affects the seafarer's ability to do their job effectively  and safely. The guidelines on fatigue is to address and prevent significant risks to safety and health of seafarers, operational safety, security and protection of the marine environment.

Who does the Guidelines on Fatigue Apply to?

It is mandatory to bring the Guidelines to the attention of the maritime Administrations and all stakeholders including seafarers, companies, naval architects/ship designers and training providers.

Who needs to have the Guidelines on Fatigue?

All concerned maritime parties are encouraged to use the Guidelines on Fatigue in their daily operations.

Where can you find it?

Contact us here at American Nautical Services to receive your copy of the Guidelines on Fatigue, 2019 Edition or you can order it online with us.