Guide For Buying Nautical Flash Cards | American Nautical Services

Studying for nautical exams from the United States Coast Guard can be challenging. You need to know a variety of information if you want to pass the exam to get your license. Whether you’re a cadet, yachtsman, captain or seaman, you need to learn at least some nautical basics.

One of the most effective ways to study for USCG exams is using nautical flash cards. These nautical flip cards help to provide you with a practical application of the information you’ll find in the USCG exam study guides.


Types of Nautical Flash Cards You Need to Study for USCG Exams

There are many different decks of USCG exam flash cards available. Some of the more common ones include those that cover light signals for seafaring vessels, Morse code, international flag codes, CEVNI signs, marine radio and buoyage cards. Meteorology and rules of the road for nautical vessels are also available in nautical flash cards.

When you learn about what test you need to take, you can determine which nautical flip card decks you need to help you study for the test. The nautical flash cards can be kept for others to use or you can save them in case you have to take another test.

 How to Use Nautical Flip Cards to Study for USCG Exams

You’re allowed to bring in limited resources with you when you go take a USCG exam. While you can’t bring your nautical flip cards with you, using them properly before you sit down to take the test is beneficial.

Nautical flip cards should be used as part of a multifaceted approach to study for a USCG exam. Visual representations on the exam are often part of questions centered around identifying the meaning of the object. For example, the test may include a question asking you to choose the Morse code for “s” and give you several options. The correct answer is “…" but the test may have a variation of that, such as “….” or “…-“ instead of the Morse code for S.

As you’re using the nautical flip cards, you can study two ways. The first is to look at the picture and say the answer. The second is to look at the answer and visualize the picture. If you do the second way, be sure you describe the picture to yourself so you have the information firmly planted in your mind.

 Where to Buy Nautical Flash Cards to Study for USCG Exams

You’re likely going to use the nautical flip cards often before you take the USCG exam. Choosing high-quality nautical flash cards means you won’t have to worry about them falling apart while you’re studying. Laminated cards and those with a carrying case are optimal, especially if you’re using them in a marine environment. Check out our selection of nautical flip cards to help you prepare for an upcoming USCG exam.