Code on Intact Stability 2008, 2020 Edition Now Available

The newest edition of International Maritime Organization Code on Intact Stability 2008 (IS Code), 2020 Edition is now available for purchase.

What’s it for?

The IS Code includes fundamental principles such as general precautions against capsizing (criteria regarding metacentric height (GM) and righting lever (GZ)); weather criterion (severe wind and rolling criterion); effect of free surfaces and icing; and watertight integrity. The 2008 IS Code provides both mandatory requirements and recommended provisions relating to intact stability that will significantly influence the design and the overall safety of ships.

Why is it needed?

The IS Code addresses related operation aspects like information for the master, including stability and operating booklets and operational procedures in heavy weather. The 2020 Edition features:
• An update of the 2008 IS Code, including all amendments that will have entered into force on 1 January 2020;
• Minor additions and amendments to the mandatory part A of the Code;
• Amendments to the Code’s recommended part B, including substantial additions to chapter 2 on Recommended design criteria for certain types of ships and chapter 3 on Guidance in preparing stability information, as well as the provision of a new annex 3;
• Criteria based on the best state-of-the-art concepts available at the time they were developed; and influences on intact stability, as contained in the previous edition; and
• Explanatory Notes and the Unified Interpretations to the 2008 IS Code.

Who does the Code on Intact Stability 2008, 2020 Edition Apply to?

The Code on Intact Stability 2008, 2020 Edition, is applicable to maritime administrations, ship manufacturers and shipping companies.

Who needs to have the Code on Intact Stability 2008, 2020 Edition?

The Code is also suitable to education institutes and all other related with intact stability criteria.

Where can you find it?

Contact us here at American Nautical Services to receive your copy of the Code on Intact Stability 2008, 2020 Edition or you can order it online with us.