CMOR Mapping Charts available at American Nautical

What are CMOR Mapping charts?

CMOR Mapping charts use bathymetric data to produce 3D, multi-color, high-resolution charts of the bottom of bodies of water around popular boating regions of the United States. These charts are produced using full-coverage surveys of the bottom with high-resolution echo-sounding equipment. There is no guesswork involved in their production. Everything you see on the chart has been verified.

Currently CMOR mapping charts are available for waters off of the Atlantic Coast, from southern Massachusetts to the tip of Florida, in the Gulf of Mexico, from south Florida to the southern border of Texas, and along the Pacific Coast in California, from San Jose to San Diego. CMOR mapping charts are also available for the inland waters of the Chesapeake Bay and Long Island Sound and the water surrounding The Bahamas. More CMOR mapping charts are in production.

Features and benefits of CMOR Mapping charts for professional boaters

As any boater, angler or professional seafarer knows, most of the landmarks necessary for navigating waters are hidden beneath the surface of the lake, sea, ocean or river. This has always made using detailed charts necessary for staying out of trouble on the water, especially when traveling at night, in storms or in poor visibility. However, traditional charts lack many details that are helpful for anglers and divers to have a good experience on the water.

Just a few of the many features and benefits of CMOR mapping and how this technology can help professional boaters and anglers include...

1. Extra detail. Unlike traditional fishing maps and charts, CMOR mapping charts include things like "forgotten wrecks, the isolated reefs and the ledges hidden between the contour lines". These are the places that divers and anglers want to visit, places that can take you hundreds of hours trying to find them on your own.


2. Excellent quality. CMOR mapping charts have a resolution as high as one meter. That means that each pixel of the chart represents one square meter of water's bottom. These charts show every bump in the remarkable detail.

3. Compatibility. CMOR mapping charts are seamlessly compatible with a number of navigation and mapping systems, including B&G, Simrad, Raymarine and Lowrance chartplotters and some Furuno NavNet and Mercury VesselView systems.

4. Easy to Use. CMOR mapping charts are easy to use. You simply insert the applicable Micro SD card into your navigation system and zoom in on the coverage area you want to view. The data is overlaid with an icon for your vessel icon, so you can see exactly where you are in relation to bottom features. (An SD adapter is included with the charts.)

5. Overlays for additional information. CMOR mapping charts also have overlays that give you additional information on things like tides, navigational aids, routes and waypoints, giving you an additional layer of valuable data on top of what you already see.

How CMOR Mapping charts can help recreational boaters and anglers

CMOR mapping charts can be extremely beneficial to both amateur and professional boaters. For commercial anglers and charter boat operators, these charts can show you the places where fish typically congregate, making it easier to get a good haul. For diving operators, these charts show artificial reefs and shipwrecks that are typically left off of traditional charts.

Recreational boaters will appreciate the access to information that could take them years to amass from personal experience. CMOR mapping charts put even novices and those new to an area immediately "in the game."

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