ADMIRALTY Gateway is retiring: Here's what you need to know


The Announcement 

As mentioned in previous announcements, The UKHO has decided to permanently withdraw all versions of their ADMIRALTY Gateway and ADMIRALTY Planning Station software from the commercial maritime market by January 29th 2021. All versions of these software programs will stop working after this date. Traditionally, the ADMIRALTY has supplied vessels, through its chart agents, their ADMIRALTY Gateway software as a means for vessels to order and update their AVCS, ADP, and AENP licenses for SOLAS chapter V navigation compliance. 

This decision to withdraw ADMIRALTY Gateway was made after thorough market research was conducted to determine the viability of this pathway and after much consultation with involved chart agents.  


"At the UKHO, we are always looking at our portfolio of products and services to examine the best ways in which we can support our users. From time to time, this also requires us to stop supporting older and outdated solutions as we continue to ensure that we offer a truly world-leading suite of products and services.

We will work together with our Chart Agents to plan for the retirement of these products and services giving them sufficient time for making a transition. This includes supporting those Chart Agents who wish to continue providing a back-of-bridge solution or develop an alternative offering for their customers. There are a considerable number of alternative solutions available on the market, both free and paid for, including those that provide for use of our broader suite of associated products. We are ready to support our users and Chart Agents as they transition to these alternative products."

                               -- Cathrine Armour, Chief Customer Officer, UKHO


All vessels currently subscribing to these programs will have to migrate to another passage planning software or seek alternative methods of updating their digital charts and publications. 


The Timeline

The following is the timeline of events that are related to the phasing out process of the ADMIRALTY Gateway software from the market:


SPICA: An Alternative To ADMIRALTY Gateway

At American Nautical, we are advising ADMIRALTY Gateway customers to switch to using our passage planning software SPICA before the January 29th 2021 deadline to avoid disruption. With SPICA, vessels will experience an easier and more reliable process in ordering and updating their AVCS, ADP, and AENP licenses. Vessels will also get access to extra features that are not a part of ADMIRALTY Gateway. Sign up for a free trial and webex demo of SPICA today!

SPICA e-Navigation Software