New Bridge Procedures Guide, 5th Edition now available

Bridge Procedures Guide, 5th Edition


The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) released the much anticipated 5th edition of Bridge Procedures Guide in March of 2016. The new 5th edition supersedes the previous 4th edition issued in 2007. 

What's it for?

Bridge Procedures Guide is used to reflect current best navigational practice on commercial ships, operating in all sectors and trades. The Guide provides clear guidance on watchkeeping that make safe and effective use of modern technology. 

Why is it needed?

Bridge Procedures Guide, 5th Edition embraces the latest standards and recommendations adopted by the International Maritime Organization. New equipment and technological advances in navigation like the use of ECDIS underline the importance of familiarization with ship specific arrangements. The Guide provides important and useful checklists for shipping companies and officers for proper bridge procedures. Important topics covered in this publication include:

  1. Effective Bridge Organization

  2. Passage Planning

  3. Duties of the Officer of the Watch

  4. Operation and Maintenance of Bridge Equipment

  5. Pilotage

  6. Dynamic Positioning

  7. ECDIS Carriage Requirements

  8. Checklists

  9. Recommended Industry Publications


Who should have Bridge Procedures Guide, 5th Edition?

The target audience of this Guide are Masters and officers in charge of a navigational watch at sea. 


Where you can find it?

Bridge Procedures Guide, 5th Edition is now available at American Nautical Services and can be purchased through our website.